November 2nd, 2012


on politics and hurricanes

"The reason humans organize themselves into societies is because we recognize, on some level, that we can do things collectively that we can't do individually. We cede some of our individual freedom in exchange for the benefits that come from living in groups – things as basic as dependable sources of clean water and electricity are only possible with collective effort. Don't believe me? Go to any part of the world with an ineffective central government, and you’ll see instability at all levels. Politics is the method we use to argue over and decide how much of that individual freedom we're willing to cede, and what we demand in return for it. And the response to this and previous natural disasters shows a pretty clear choice. There's a group that is willing to let you fend for yourself in the face of the overwhelming power of a storm such as Hurricane Sandy, and there's a group that feels a duty to try to protect you during the storm and help you recover afterward."


all-politics, oddly enough

* By the numbers: "eleven reasons why every woman should vote on Tuesday."
* How Republicans will spin a Romney loss, and how Democrats will explain an Obama loss.
* Democrats look likely to keep the Senate, which is bad news for any Republican activist agenda.
* Redrawing the campaign map by the money spent.
* No, no one is talking about the eurozone crisis. Or human rights in China for that matter.