October 26th, 2012



"Curiosity's real name is Mars Science Laboratory, and it's useful to keep that in mind. It’s not just some golf cart tooling around the planet; it's a fully functional science lab, with cameras, spectroscopes, sampling devices, and more. Everything it does is so we can learn more about Mars. What's the the history of the planet? Why is its geology the way it is? What's the deal with it used to having water? Where'd it all go?"


Communities, objectivism, and middle school

* Ezra Klein gives us a good overview of the state of the presidential election today.
* Elucidating how the Romney economic plan would impact the poor.
* Would a Romney presidency be bad for the Republican party?
* Good read, but ugh: encountering a Randian influence at work in the economy.
* Meet the non-partisan Tax Policy Center.
* How can we make middle school less terrible?
* Interesting! Viewing the community as a social network.
* Fifty years of Sábado Gigante.