October 18th, 2012


State power, Newsweek, and Predator X

* Good read: the real story behind the reaction to the Benghazi attacks.
* Parsing out what happens when you shift more power to the state level.
* Examining Romney's claims of bipartisanship in Massachusetts.
* "Its name is Pliosaurus funkei, a four-paddled apex predator that terrorized the seas over 147 million years ago."
* Newsweek ends its print edition.


drug of the nation

As the fall TV season lurches on, I note this week I saw two fantastic episodes of TV: the season premiere of The Walking Dead, and the most recent episode of Adventure Time. Having those two as my recent favorites says a lot about my favorite kind of shows.

io9.com has a great article about Adventure Time, with spoilers pretty much up to the latest episode. Good read, but man, such a good show.