October 5th, 2012


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* Seven unpopular truths about the debate. Four misleading moments.
* The three ways Romney lost the debate.
* I was feeling this too: Kevin Drum on the trap that never triggered. Bonus: the comprehensive guide to Romney's tax plan.
* Oh, snap. What domestic topics didn't get covered?
* Good wrapup by John Dickerson. More good reading from Mischiefs of Faction here.
* And, PBS formally replies.


Iran, the multiverse, and ultra-surveillance

* The direct link between income inequality and the financial crash.
* Stephen Hadley on the ways to deal with Iran.
* A deja vu moment with a Republican candidate lying about taxes.
* A backlash against the future ultra-surveillance society.
* Maine Republicans try to out Democratic candidate over playing World of Warcraft. Welcome to the 21st century, people.
* Nice. Farhad Manjoo declares war on website pagination.
* Bigger picture: a third Copernican revolution?
* Right, when they say 'premature ejaculation,' what they mean is...
* A second life for Digg.