September 21st, 2012


Islamophobia, the economy, and education

* "All 50 states impose higher tax rates on low-income households than their richest 1 percent, when state and local taxes are taken into account."
* Wall Street wins another battle in the war against financial reform.
* "The graph that should accompany every article about millennials and economics."
* Debunking fears of Islam in America.
* How Obama reformed education by going around Congress.
* The combination of silence and rumors in China point to an unstable situation.
* Good read: Ta-Nehisi Coates on equality and the welfare state.
* Ugh. Crime lab scandal threatens tens of thousands of convictions in Massachusetts.
* Magnificent picture of Barnard 59, deep within the Pipe Nebula.


if you read one political piece today

"...So overall you have several institutional incentives all pushing Republican presidential campaigns towards, well, mediocrity. There's pressure from the movement conservative marketplace to create 'products' (as David S. Bernstein puts it) that can be sold to the marks who they make money off of instead of points that will push swing voters; there's the danger of a closed information feedback loop which makes it harder for the campaigns to even see those swing voters; and there's the personal rush and career rewards that come creating and placing flaps in the press, whether they help the campaign or not. "