September 12th, 2012



"At Marvel we're constantly trying to understand our characters and stories better so that we can better present those to you, our fans. (Also, we are big data nerds.) As part of this effort we focused some sophisticated data analysis tools on the world's most interesting social network — the Marvel Universe. The result is what you see above: in each image, every node represents a character and each line represents a shared appearance between two characters (in some of the graphs, the thickness of the line corresponds to the number of shared appearances)."


Libya, the Pledge, and a scientific nation.

* Mark Mardell on the Libya challenge.
* Surprisingly good discussion about the Pledge of Allegiance.
* It's like they're not even trying anymore.
* Author David Brin presents the case for a scientific nation (with part two here.)
* Comparing the Republican and Democratic platforms from 1956 to today.
* Once again I shall remind you, your vote counts just as much as theirs.
* On concussions and the NFL.
* "What it's like to be a woman of color in the lingerie industry."