July 27th, 2012


In Theaters: The Dark Knight Rises

Before hitting the third, we watched the first two Nolan/Bale Batman flicks with the munchkin. And I can say that doing so really pointed out how excellently The Dark Knight Rises completes that trilogy. As a stand-alone movie, it's pretty darned good. Managed to balance being a superhero action flick with some larger themes, as was done in the first two movies. Once again we get a highly polished script and a great cast of actors, to boot. But taken as the capstone to the saga, it really shines, and I think will only go up in people's estimation as time goes on. There are flaws, sure. Nolan's characters can feel like they're not fully fleshed out, and sometimes the focus on bigger themes can overshadow the, uh, real-ism of how a character would be acting in a situation. Nonetheless, an excellent movie, capping off an excellent trilogy. Go see it on the big screen this weekend.

Trailers soon. Comments will likely get spoiler-y, so proceed at your own peril.


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