June 30th, 2012


In Theaters: Prometheus

I'd been avoiding reviews of Prometheus; I generally knew it wasn't well received, but wanted to see for myself. Money's been tight, so summer movies have been slow going. Finally made time this week, though, and I think I kind of get it. By itself, Prometheus is a decent movie. I mean, the second half of the film doesn't live up to the buildup of the first half, falling into familiar movie tropes when it could and should have reached for something greater. But the problem is, the trailers and sneak stuff we saw was very well done, and knowing that 'it was an Alien prequel that wasn't really an Alien prequel' only ratcheted up those expectations to eleven. When I am discussing it at parties in the near future, I will point out that the movie, by itself, is a good start, with a lot of potential to grow. The final result just didn't quite live up to what was promised. And they could have totally skipped the Alien connection with only a couple superficial changes, and avoiding that whole sandtrap. Catch it on Netflix later.

Comments may contain spoilers, so go in forewarned.

(As before, trailers to follow in the near future.)


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