May 18th, 2012

King Mob

tick tock

May continues to be the crazy. M. is afield for PennLite camping, so I am flying solo for the next couple days. By which I mean, I am taking care of the house and talking to the cats. Sunday looks to be exciting: picking up Z., getting her back and dressed up, and heading out to a wedding with little to no downtime.

Other than that, just cruising along and trying to keep the calendar in shape. Hopefully find time to catch up with people I've been missing in the near future. The gaming crew decided against Gen Con in August. Instead, we're looking at a smaller, closer con in July, and possibly hanging out at a cabin for a few days with the various families. More details as that solidifies.

So, yes. There's all that.


Treaties, PTSD, and ancient bacteria

* Oh hey. The Justice Department publicly supports a citizen's right to record the police.
* Whuf. The conservative judicial threat you haven't heard about yet.
* Seven international treaties the government has chosen not to sign.
* Good read: on Obama's marriage equality stance as 'a generational shift in cultural attitudes.'
* Army to review over a decade's worth of PTSD diagnoses.
* The other side of how a lack of statehood hurts DC's government.
* Political reporting needs more fact-checking. Early and often.
* Crazy ancient bacteria found living far beneath the ocean floor.
* Hee. Tumblr post accidentally launches an internet fandom. New world order, folks.