May 7th, 2012

King Mob

mild doldrums

As noted yesterday, spent some time at the park lifting children. You know, pretended to not let go of the ball until they grabbed on tight, and once they got a lock on, lifted them up and put them on the bench. Like a tiny carnival. Except, as it turns out, lifting five kids, each around 50-70 pounds, about three times each, didn't turn out too well for me. Right shoulder is now completely jacked up. Which will make doing chores tomorrow not fun, with the added bonus that I put off some chores today to play hooky and watch a certain movie to be detailed later.

In other news, Z.'s spring allergies are completely kicking her around. Last night was an uncool procession of me not being able to get to sleep for long, as either my shoulder or her coughing kept me from really resting. Bleh.

Busy week ahead, again. No Z. next weekend, as she's at her mom's for out-of-town company plus Mother's Day. Zoom zoom.