May 6th, 2012


just realized

I'm not going to declare the show is particularly feminist or anything, but one victory from Game of Thrones is opening up a whole range of Halloween costumes for girls that aren't all sexy milkmaid or whatever.

Now, to get a show on TV about cool guys with long hair and glasses...

King Mob

surprise lessons

Meant to spend my Saturday night recovering from a long week at work with TV and painting minis. Instead, the guys dragged me out for drinking and board gaming. Game of Thrones (which I'd played once before, years ago) and something called Twilight Imperium (which was the first time for that.) More experience playing both would definitely improve my skills. Got home late.

Today was thrilling. Plans got rearranged due to someone else's computer tragedy. But picked up Z. after her friend's birthday party at the bowling alley, and hung out with the crew of kids at the local park for a bit. Lifted many kids.

On the way home, grabbed groceries, and ended up showing Z. how to change a tire. Which wasn't fun, but I go to show her how everything works, hopefully build the foundation of this sort of thing.

Tonight: so much relaxing and not moving. Tomorrow: possibly a movie during the day. Tuesday: chores. The rest of the week and weekend: plan-ful.