May 4th, 2012


today's quote

"I feel that something's going to give. It's 1985. Fifteen years till the third millennium. Maybe Christ will come again. Or maybe the troubles will come and the sky will collapse and there will be terrible rain and showers of poisoned light. Or maybe, just maybe, my life is really fine."
-Harper, Angels in America

I've been struck with an existential rudderless feeling in the past few days, and the above popped into my head when I was dwelling on it on the Metro this morning. [The Metro commute is mostly for dwelling, when I am not reading or sleeping.] Hopefully will lead to me finding the energy for getting things back in order to some extent. Spring is always problematic like that. [Weirdly, the follow-up to this may end up on my gaming blog.]


Optimism, America's decline, and the Roman emperors

* Harold Meyerson on the wages of austerity.
* Think again: Ian Bremmer with five myths about America's decline.
* What Grenell's resignation says about Romney.
* The clash between the Vatican and the American nuns was decades in the making.
* What we have learned about the current state of al Qaeda.
* Author David Brin on bringing optimism back to science fiction.
* "Teaching tolerance may not have been Jepsen's intention with 'Call Me Maybe,' but she's given these kids a forum to learn it together."
* Big win: 'Listing the Roman emperors in order of how hardcore their deaths were.'