April 28th, 2012


(as seen before The Cabin in the Woods)

New trailers:
* Chernobyl Diaries - Ehn. I get the feeling the setting will be wasted in favor of shakey-cam scares.
* Savages - Taylor Kitsch is on a roll this year. But, doesn't look exciting, despite Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro. If you're going to hire those two, why not make a better movie?
* Safe - As M. noted, Jason Statham is the new Jackie Chan, in that he just plays himself and we're all OK with that.
* The Dictator - Maybe a little more plot than previous Sacha Baron Cohen outings, but I am OK with that.
* Looper - Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Garret Dillahunt, and time travel? I'm in. (I like that J G-L is featured as the star, instead of Bruce Willis. Heh.)
* The Expendables 2 - As I really didn't like the first one, I'll be avoiding this.


Communication, Republicans, and Gaiman news

* Saving the American dream: 'our society has lost covenant with people and made a pact with corporations."
* Iranian oil production hit by possible cyberattack.
* Part of the problem, people. Part of the problem.
* Speaking of: "The Republican Party is severely dysfunctional, not severely conservative."
* Interesting. Connecting doctors and local farmers to low-income families.
* Is having so many ways to communicate causing a breakdown in communication?
* Today's headline: "For chrissakes, there is nothing wrong with you: a dating manifesto."
* Nothing solid yet, but Disney picks up the right to film The Graveyard Book.