April 20th, 2012


In Theaters: The Hunger Games

Having enjoyed the books, I went into the movie version of The Hunger Games trying to keep my expectations low. I found myself pleasantly surprised with the film adaptation, however. Yes, some of the details (and exposition) from the book were passed over; IMHO, Haymitch gets a little shortchanged. But they really captured the look-and-feel of the setting and aced the emotion of the story. The actors are all pretty much spot-on, and they do a lot of the heavy lifting with efficient and elegant performances. Even the violence and the (few scifi elements fit right in. Sorry for being vague, I don't want to give too much away for those who haven't read the books. Check it out on the big screen, you won't regret it.

New trailers:
* Prometheus - I don't believe there's anything else I can say. Most anticipated movie of the summer/year.
* The Avengers - "I have an army." "We have a Hulk."
* The Amazing Spider-Man - Ehn? A little wisecracking, but, still don't know why we need this. Other than more Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans.
* Snow White and the Huntsman - Um, wow. I was looking forward to this, but the trailer really raised the bar. Like, fantasy epic-style. Nice!
* The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 - ahem.


Favorite colors, DC housing, and the 'next big thing'

* Top read: now, that we have the internet and social media, what's next? "That paradigm has run its course. It's not quite over yet, but I think we're into the mobile social fin de siècle."
* Meanwhile, China is having a pretty bad month.
* Romney continues the right wing trend of pushing that Obama 'isn't one of us.' Because, when you can't win on the issues...
* Yes, housing in DC is terrible.
* Study finds link between exercise and helping smokers quit.
* "Why do little kids care so much about favorite colors?"
* Good read: one man's quest to sue Apple over their business practices.