April 4th, 2012


the nutshell in question

"This is what's wrong with globalization. The big gains go to the one percent who need them the least. Developed world workers take a big hit, Chinese workers gain, but not nearly as much or as fast as they should, and First World consumers don't get very much of the benefit of the cheap Chinese labor because the bulk of the wage arbitrage between west and east is going into the coffers of the top executives and the middlemen between producers and consumers. It's not a sustainable way to run the world."


Iraq, walking fast, and failing into deregulation

* The other side of the health care mandate argument. (Courtesy maroonmd.)
* How budget cuts turn into deregulation.
* "The real story of America's withdrawal from Iraq is how little impact it has really had on either Iraq or the region."
* Marc Lynch on the Muslim Brotherhood's move in Egypt.
* Gov. O'Malley makes his stand on civil rights.
* Arizona's controversial sheriff Arpaio refuses court-appointed monitoring.
* New Orleans continues to have too many murders.
* As noted elsewhere: a ten-year old boy draws up a solution to the eurocrisis.
* Why people walk faster in cities.