March 28th, 2012


(as seen before John Carter last week)

New trailers:
* Avengers - Looking sharp. New trailer really ramps up the action.
* Brave - Just a straight up scene from the movie, and man. Can't wait.
* Men in Black 3 - Seriously, this looked like a lot of fun. And I wasn't big into the original two.
* Battleship - The hyperkinetic flashy action style they went with has kind of played out, IMHO. Yawn.
* Prometheus - Still working to keep expectations low. Still failing.
* The Cold Light of Day - Henry Cavill and Sigourney Weaver are tempting, but the plot isn't.

Top summer picks for me are Avengers, Brave, Prometheus, and Cabin in the Woods. And I still need to find time to catch Hunger Games, soon.


Obamacare, sluts, and the mall

* Good news everyone! The right wing has decided that there is no racism anymore.
* The Washington Times reports widespread problems within Metro. (Courtesy Matty.)
* A shift in our counterterrorism planning?
* Andrew Cohen wraps up the opening of the Supreme Court's look at Obamacare.
* The other side of ideological purity.
* Yasmin Nair: "In defense of sluts."
* Signs of the times: say goodbye to the indoors mall.
* Ooh. The hidden Afghan tradition of dressing girls as boys outside the home.
* Tips on how to write good supporting characters.