February 6th, 2012


zoom zoom

Last night: Super Bowl. Got to explain the game to Z., which was fun, as a lot of it was breaking it down to terms she could grasp. Like, whichever team wins this game "wins football for the year."
Today: more Z., chores, packing.
Tomorrow: bus to NYC for a quick overnight catching up with a cool cat.
Wednesday night: back from NYC.
Thursday: back to work.
Rest of the week: who knows.


Madonna, Mars, and Malcolm X

* Marc Lynch on how the UN failed Syria.
* Here's a hint: no one likes using food stamps, but a lot of families need them.
* In favor of more debates.
* Progress in Brazil is leaving the poor behind.
* Good read: a guide on how to get Planned Parenthood out of the abortion business.
* Boo. NASA likely to bail on the joint Mars mission.
* Recovering a lost speech by Malcolm X, fifty years later.
* Good read, even if you skipped the halftime show: Madonna at 53.
* Using Downton Abbey as a lens for examining modern America.