February 4th, 2012


In Theaters: Chronicle

Chronicle is an excellent action flick, highly worth watching. Another great comic book movie that's, you know, not actually based on a comic book. It's quite specifically not a big-budget Hollywood spectacle, but they do some pretty clever stuff within their framework. And while we've visited these themes before, I felt this movie carried it through well with some quality acting and great writing. Check it out.

New trailers:
* Silent House - Ehn. Generic-looking shock horror.
* Project X - Looks like their aiming for the reality TV fans, I think? Not sure what it's about. Kid throws massive house party. Maybe a comedy? Ehn.
* The Three Stooges - Highly, highly unnecessary.
* Prometheus - Oh, oh yes. Cannot wait.


Turing, translation, and state science

* Everyone's talking about federal taxes, but how are state taxes going?
* Good read: what is a conservative?
* Ugh. Republicans push a rough conservative agenda in Virginia.
* Profiling eight women poised to help remake the Middle East.
* 'The complete guide to the Susan G. Komen debacle.'
* How states rank up in teaching science.
* Woo! A call to pardon Turing.
* Is fiction's future in translation?

Rock Star

the why of American Idol

"One of Idol's most powerful strategies has been to reimagine pop within a closed world that exists adjacent to actual history, but not beholden to it. Here, Aerosmith matters more than the Rolling Stones, and Stevie Wonder's minor 1980 ballad 'Lately' has as much impact as his career-defining 1972 monster 'Superstition.' Sometimes Idol's parallel pop universe skews history in cool ways: the show has helped spur a Queen revival and maybe pay some of Leonard Cohen's bills by joining in the odd 21st century fetishization of 'Hallelujah.' It has, however, also greatly elevated the status of post-Genesis Phil Collins.

"The point is, it's just as important to track Idol for its effect on established artists' careers as for its ability to birth new ones. Madonna agrees. She chose to tease her new video for 'Gimme All Your Luvin'' on Thursday's episode, I'm sure, because she knew it would reach not only younger fans who would find it the next day on YouTube anyway, but those grandmas and moms (and dads and uncles) who've learned from the show that they don't have to age out of active music fandom."