January 26th, 2012


School lunches and a tough February

"Many people think of the conservative movement as basically nationalist. Think of a guy with an American flag decal on his truck. But I guess I've always seen the American conservative movement in a very different light - as a factionalist movement, concerned more with the balance of power within America than the strength of the country overall."

* Finally. USDA setting new nutrition standards for school lunches.
* Five things we learned about poverty, and where we can go from there.
* 'America, arms-dealer to the world.'
* Why we should ask the presidential hopefuls about Iraq.
* Jay Rosen on the media, the culture war, and... Spiro Agnew.
* Hee. "If no Republican candidate drops out after Florida, what happens? I'm glad you asked, because the answer is excruciating."
* Follow-up: no evidence of arsenic-based life after all.
* Classical actor Nicol Williamson passed away.