January 25th, 2012


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Spoke to M. at late o'clock last night, she was safe and on the ground in Chicago. Her flight out was... less than ideal, but I will leave that story for her to tell later.

First course of action was to watch Doctor Who and play video games. Tonight, painting miniatures. This is because I am a cool dude. Also, don't want the cats to be too shaken out of their routines.


Republican history, the State of the Union, and Google

* A different look at the actual state of our union.
* Woo! Examining the words used in the State of the Union addresses. All of them.
* Good read: examining the Republican version of history.
* "Why this election is a choice, not a referendum."
* Google announced their grand plan to unify all their services, including big changes to how they will use your information. Because, as it turns out, Google is just a big corporation just like the rest of them. No better, no worse.
* Heh. McDonald's tries marketing using Twitter, forgetting what the internet is really like.
* Did anyone notice Gingrich really isn't a good debater?
* "Frenetic star-forming activity in the early Universe is linked to the most massive galaxies in today's cosmos."