January 6th, 2012


2011 in review - part five

* The AVClub picks their best movies of the year, and the worst too.
* "The underappreciated film gems of 2011."
* "Die-hard fans are still rushing to see a film in its opening weekend, but more casual audiences are becoming increasingly difficult to lure to the multiplex."
* Bob Mondello picks his top ten plus ten.
* Linda Holmes explains how no standout favorites means it was a good year for movies.
* The twenty-five best movie posters of the year.
* Good read: why Super 8 is the best comic book movie of 2011, despite not being based on a comic book. (Spoilers. Good article, but go watch the movie first.)
* Seventeen movies to look forward to in the new year.


Braveheart, Iran, and mixed embyro monkeys

* Fareed Zakaria on the real story in Iran.
* 'Pandering to the rich, now in handy chart form.'
* Follow-up: Wisconsin Governor Walker faces recall election.
* The problem with the Republicans' admiration of Braveheart.
* "Scientists have produced monkeys composed of cells taken from separate embryos."
* A group of scientists urge the presidential candidates to rethink their stance on climate change.
* As seen elsewhere: one awesome map of the United States.
* Hee! "Public Radio Blood Feud 2012"