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28 October 2003 @ 07:06 pm
Happy birthday to Jami Gertz, who turns 38 today.

Must-read: Paul Krugman on the backlash against anyone trying to understand terrorists.

Peter Jackson set to make movie-star level money, and may direct a remake of King Kong.

* Facing the paradox of Iraq: cracking down while promoting freedom.
* Howard Kurtz on bad news in Bagdhad, and the NYTimes editorial on how it shouldn't be glossed over. Also, world opinion on the US position in Iraq.
* Oh, I see. Bush is risking subpoena because the 9/11 documents are 'sensitive.' Where's that long-proclaimed accountability? (Bush mentions it again in today's news conference. Analysis of this conference, tomorrow.)
* How to achieve victory in Iraq: understanding tribal culture.
* New proposed law would make it easier to tear down historical sites to build highways (courtesy JubJub.)
* Congress's shady deal with Boeing.
* Huh. AOL may turn a profit next year.
* Brazil, the lab for cybercrime.
* Maurice Sendak and Tony Kushner's new picture book. With some surprises.