December 30th, 2011

King Mob

closing time

Today is my first day without the prescription cough suppressants, so we shall see how that goes.

Netflix's website has been acting up, which is... annoying. But hasn't prevented us from tearing through Community. Well behind on movies, but looking ahead to the Oscars marathon in a few months.

Busy tonight, busier tomorrow. Will be ringing in the new year with the VA crowd, then recovering Sunday, with more family visits. Next week is prep for Z.'s ninth birthday on the 14th.


Nullification, demographics, and China in space

* Republicans in Congress bring back nullification.
* "Is the U.S. getting older and whiter, or younger and more diverse? Yes."
* Competitive debt bidding: Matt Taibbi explains how banks cheat taxpayers.
* NPR series on the state of the economy in various early nominating states.
* Viewing an upswing in pro-settlement violence as terrorism in Israel?
* China unveils an ambitious space program.
* Gallery: Dupont Circle's abandoned underground trolley station.
* Nice. Warnings of urban sprawl... back in 1959.