December 16th, 2011

King Mob

this, that

Mostly healthy now. No fever for days, only symptom left is a lingering (and annoying) cough.

M. is up north for the next couple days visiting friends, so I'm left to my own devices to keep myself busy. Lovely dinner with the remarkably pregnant girlie47 last night. Afterwards introduced her to the joy that is Sherlock. Tonight, dinner with lemonruss. Tomorrow, unknown, maybe chores and painting, after a little catching up on Community (most of the way through season one. Good stuff! warmaster was completely right about how damn good it is.) Maybe visiting folks down at Piratz Tavern.


Inequality, Israel, and Yo Yo Ma

* Examining the politics of the top 1%.
* "For the moment anyway, we're ideologically class warriors but operationally in favor of the status quo."
* What the new Egypt can learn from Turkey.
* National Review comes out against Gingrich.
* The Republican candidates really, really like Israel. A lot.
* Nifty retrospective on Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli.
* Noted writer Christopher Hitchens passed away.
* Joe Simon, co-creator of Captain America, passed away.
* And now, a picture of Yo Yo Ma, on the floor of a bathroom, with a wombat.