December 8th, 2011


the devil

Few days ago, very nice out, I could even skip the coat. Yesterday, hell of rainy, all day. This morning, actual winter cold. Naturally, just in time for M.'s dad's holiday work party tomorrow, which is a dinner cruise, and always in December, so quite often freaky cold.

VNV Nation concert Tuesday was big fun, as noted elsewhere. Will pop a couple pictures up on the flickr when I get around to it. (I actually have a huge backlog of pics, now. Turns out getting a decent digital camera on the phone means I take more pictures, which means it takes longer to get them up and about.)

Saturday's double-booked, so who knows how that will go. At some point, more holiday shopping. Then Christmas preparations and plans. Then New Year's.


Mexico, a corporate solution, and the Civil War

* Dan Froomkin notes that corporate America has one great way to help the economy right now - if they wanted to.
* Good read: looking for a cause to the Eurozone crisis.
* The LAPD went undercover at the Occupy protests. Because that's how you deal with peacable assembly.
* Meanwhile, the National Guard deployment on the border with Mexico... isn't doing much.
* 'Inside Romania's secret CIA prison.'
* "Why do so few blacks study the Civil War?"
* Flashback cafe: looking back at the attempted Gingrich coup.
* Gallery: the politics of the former Soviet states as shown in the graffiti.
* Will Terra Nova make the cut?