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26 November 2011 @ 07:50 am
We got home from southern MD yesterday evening, and even had time to sneak in some reading and video games with the little girl before bed. (M. and her have been reading some Judy Blume books, specifically Superfudge series,while I sit in the room and totally don't listen in.) Cats were very grateful to see us again.

Trip itself went smoothly. Both halves of the family had a good time. I ate enough food to feed a medium-sized colony.

Due to scheduling details, we don't have the munchkin Sunday or Monday, meaning I won't see her again until next Sunday. Also, I don't know what I will do with myself this weekend at all, as a result. Probably bug the cat more. Time to start sorting out December plans, I wager, too. Only a few hangings-out dates open before... 2012.

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