November 21st, 2011


how things run

October birthdays planning turned into pre-Halloween planning turned into pre-November birthdays planning turned into post-November birthdays cleanup is nw pre-Thanksgiving planning, to be followed by post-Thanksgiving cleanup, which will roll us into pre- and post-Christmas, followed by New Years.



Palinization, DR Congo, and arson forensics

* Can the Democratic Republic of Congo ever recover?
* Cyberpunk now: cyberattacks currently pose one of the greatest existential threats to the United States.
* "In recent years, fire researchers and the changes to fire investigations have shattered dozens of arson myths as the science behind arson forensics continues to evolve."
* Good read: on the "Palinization" of the Republican party.
* Classy. Lobbying firm works on how to use the Occupy protests against democrats next year.
* Speaking of: right-wing reporters covering the protests struck by police, assisted by protesters.
* Boo. A lack of money leads to less stem cell research.
* Seventy-five years later, Life magazine revisits its first cover story.