November 17th, 2011


Waterboarding, Gingrich, and the Gamburtsevs

* On Citizens United and Watergate.
* "Why does Uncle Sam think I'm a terrorist?"
* "But we have to be careful about how far we go — how merciless our strategies, how self-serving our positions — because the rightful burden of the leadership we insist on is behavior that's better than everybody else's, not the same or worse."
* Watching two days of the Fox News coverage of the Occupy protests.
* How Romney has benefited from his opponents, and why Gingrich may be the best contrast. (But no, I don't think Gingrich will last, either.)
* Good read: how the Gingrich push might point to a push for the party to go even farther to the right.
* A redesign of Sao Paulo's urban infrastructure.
* Examining Antarctica's Gamburtsev Mountains.