November 16th, 2011


oh, man

We went to a parent-teacher conference at Z.'s school recently. Waiting beforehand, we see one of their assignments up on the bulletin board. Her class was asked to write about a memory, and bring in a picture to go with it. There was a couple kids who wrote about Chuck-E-Cheese birthdays, and a few beach trips. This is what she went with.


The Drug War, one big oarfish, and responsibility

* "Drones along the Mexican border, commandos in Central America - the war on drugs looks more than ever like a real war. But do Americans have any idea what they're getting into?"
* New study rules some areas of Japan unsafe for farming due to fallout from Fukushima.
* David Gergen talks about the problem with money in politics. Bonus: here's a great example.
* Palestinians stage their own 'freedom ride' in Jerusalem.
* Dana Milbank on the Republican era of 'not my responsibility.'
* Video: scientists accidentally film a giant oarfish in the Gulf. Whoah.
* "Without trucks, the tallest building in the world would become the tallest mountain of poop."
* NPR sings the praises of the red Solo cup.
* Dr. House as the poster child for scientific empiricism.