November 9th, 2011


Economic collapse, police cameras, and popular TV

* Wow. Italy teeters on collapse, and the IMF warns about 'a lost decade' for the global economy.
* New world order: parsing out the policies and politics of wearable police cameras.
* The dangers of being a journalist in Russia.
* What the generals can't say from the battlefield in Afghanistan.
* Good read: E.J. Dionne Jr. on the religious divide in election season.
* A pessimistic view from the Republican base.
* An engineer behind early government spy satellites can now tell his story.
* If you have to ask if you're out of touch with popular TV, you probably are.
* Why the movies studios are getting into the TV business.
* Nathan Fillion, pop culture king.



"From the start, the birth-control movement has been as much about fighting legal and political battles as it has been about staffing clinics, because in a country without national health care, making contraception available to women has required legal reform."