November 4th, 2011


The dustbowl, income inequality, and the Republican nomination

* "The larger answer, however, is that extreme concentration of income is incompatible with real democracy. Can anyone seriously deny that our political system is being warped by the influence of big money, and that the warping is getting worse as the wealth of a few grows ever larger?"
* As drought predictions for the west widen, fears of a new dustbowl era return.
* Cyberpunk soon? "The war between Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple."
* Good read: Matt Taibbi on Mayor Bloomberg and Wall Street.
* "It's been a revealing campaign for the Republican presidential nomination - and one thing that's been revealed is how little tolerance there is for free-thinking in today's GOP."
* Eugene Robinson on the inevitability of a Romney nomination.
* No, most of our oil imports don't come from our enemies. At all.
* The Mars mission simulation wraps up.
* The new names for some Metro stations are announced.