October 1st, 2011


on bison and gaming

Crystal City has a lot of good places to eat right off the Metro. Last night L. and I hit Ted's Montana Grill, which despite being owned by Ted Turner and having an almost parody menu, had delicious food. I apparently need more tasty bison in my diet.

I know I've been a pretty strong advocate for Livejournal for all your blogging needs, but the one thing that was never a good fit was gaming. Gamers love blogspot, though. So I spun off to something there, and here is my most recent accomplishment detailed there.


FEMA, al-Awlaki, and TV masculinity

* The killing of al-Awlaki and Khan, both American citizens, raises important questions. I have opinions, as it turns out.
* The administration wasted no time mentioning the secret memo to validate the assassination.
* Great read: one night in the ER.
* Nice! A graphical representation of FEMA's budget, and where it went.
* Jonathan Bernstein on distilling democracy.
* The subtle world of speaking Christian.
* New information means scientists will have to rethink Mercury.
* "I honestly think the men on television now resemble the men I know even less than the women on television resemble the women I know."
* Mysterious paper sculptures appear at libraries in Scotland. (Courtesy thewronghands.)