September 3rd, 2011


The 'Zerocovery,' mistresses, and the Justice League

* "Welcome to the Zerocovery: The top line is shocking. The bottom line hasn't changed. The private sector is still weak. Government is still shrinking. The American worker is still falling behind."
* Oh, finally. Regulators are suing seventeen major banks over the subprime mortgage crisis.
* New evidence that the CIA sent prisoners to the Qadaffi regime for torture.
* Joe Klein on military lessons from the post-9/11 world.
* The Republicans' immigration problem in 2012.
* Despite the coming election, no one is talking about social issues.
* The classic novel that talks about our fears of a new depression.
* Ten mistresses who made history.
* Today's best headline: "Widespread Panic That Rick Perry Might Actually Win"
* Chris Sims reviews the different eras of the Justice League.


on political thought

So I have gotten in a couple discussions online in the past few weeks with people of the right-wing persuasion, specifically Ron Paul fans. In general, I try to avoid such things, because really, I think Paul is pretty much a non-starter, and his fan club has a certain... fervency.

And while I've been trying to avoid political discussions with the right-winger at work (because the conversations go nowhere and really only serve to agitate me) I've gotten sucked in a couple times recently as well. And as predicted, goes nowhere, agitated, etc.

Thinking about it later, I think one of the elements that drives me up the wall with those of conservative leaning, and the libertarian side of things especially, is a complete lack of empathy. I'm by no means religious, and while I like to think of myself as a spiritual person, I don't think a general sense of empathy for others is a particularly uncommon trait. Just think of a situation and how you would feel on the other side of things, or think about how things would be for you if your life was somewhat different. Not all that out of the ordinary. But man, a lot of people I don't like to talk with anymore really, really don't seem to care about other people in the world around them. Or something I'm not grasping there. It just seems so... selfish? Entitled? I don't even know.

Not going anywhere with this, just have to get it off my chest so I can go on with my life.