August 19th, 2011


Sex ed, Gov. Perry, and the Tappan Zee Bridge

* "The truth is that the United States and its allies lost the war in Iraq and are going to lose the war in Afghanistan."
* Good read: why the Tappan Zee Bridge is in the wrong place.
* "In Texas we teach both creationism and evolution in our public schools." -Gov. Rick Perry
* Jonathan Bernstein talks about the press coverage of presidential candidates?
* Gallery: twenty years later, a new Russia is still taking shape.
* "Our country's inability to untangle matters of religion, politics and public health puts sexuality education teachers and their programs at an enormous risk."
* Newly-discovered eel rewrites the taxonomy of, uh, eels.
* What's behind the recent outbreak of college football scandals?
* Yes, Ridley Scott signed on for a sort-of new Blade Runner.