August 12th, 2011


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"At last, the long war against Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters has been brought to a responsible end. A short time ago, just a small band of brave witches and wizards at Hogwarts School stood between the dark forces and their ascension to power. Now their evil leader is dead, his armies are scattered, and the wizarding world can begin to recover from the terror they inflicted.

"At such a moment of deliverance, it is natural to feel elation and closure - to allow ourselves the brief comfort of imagining that the drama, so meticulously documented by J.K. Rowling, is over. But if history teaches us anything (consider the bitter legacy still lingering from the 17th-century Goblin Wars or the recent experience of American Muggles in Iraq and Afghanistan), it is that the defeat of Voldemort by Harry Potter may have been the easy part. Indeed, one might even say it was child's play. The hard work of postwar stabilization still lies ahead."


Income inequality, artifical DNA codes, and gibbons

* "Income inequality is bad for rich people too."
* Why the debt isn't our biggest problem.
* Two theories on the causes behind the British riots, from and the BBC.
* The administration's mistake that needs to be addressed.
* Why we have to fight back against the 'Sharia law' conspiracy theorists.
* Ahem. "Researchers say they have created the first ever animal with artificial information in its genetic code."
* Scientists explain why gibbons are such great jumpers.
* Time gallery looks back at the history of Guy Fawkes, and his modern legacy. (Frankly, Alan Moore deserves more air time there.)