August 11th, 2011


infecting young minds

I keep putting off a post regarding a couple kids shows and movies that turned out better than I expected, but thinking about that made me focus in on something new.

Whenever we watched TV shows or movies with Z., we would always make a point to talk about them a bit afterwards. Easy questions, like I'd mention something I liked, and ask her something she liked, etc. In the past year or so, though, we have started going a little farther with the conversations. She and I watched... a lot of Phineas and Ferb this past weekend, and after the shows, we started off with the parts we liked. And then segued into how we like how the show is set up (parallels and running gags) and how it plays with its own formula to a very creative end, and how a fair amount of the show is about creativity itself. Obviously she didn't use the same English-major terms I'm bandying about here, but I could really tell that she got these things, and man, that's a delightful experience right there.


The British riots, the poet laureate, and SyFy programming

* Ten ways the world can get even worse in the next two years.
* History repeats itself in the Syrian city of Hama.
* Justice Department investigates police brutality nationwide.
* Israel expands settlements in East Jerusalem yet again.
* Colbert's SuperPAC releases its first endorsement.
* It was the writers and artist who foresaw tensions on the rise in Britain, not the politicians. Also, the Explainer talks about why baseball bats are the weapon of choice.
* Jonathan Bernstein explains why Republican candidates cannot ignore Iowa.
* 'Philip Levine named new American poet laureate.'
* Eureka RIP: how SyFy can break the cycle of cancelling its top shows.