August 9th, 2011


Hollywood superheroes and diversity

"It wouldn't have been much of a stretch for producers to reimagine Green Lantern as a person of color. In the comic book world, there's already a black Green Lantern named John Stewart who's probably got more name recognition going for him than his white counterpart, Hal Jordan. So if Hollywood can crank out fantasy pictures with blue Smurfs, why is it so reticent to do the same with African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians? If second stringers like Thor can get the big-screen treatment, don't comic book legends of color like Luke Cage and Black Panther deserve the same?"

(Which of course made me think of this iconic moment from 1970.)


a little catching up; it's been a crazy week

* Good read: why we need more government spending to end the global recession.
* David Frum on why companies are not hiring new employees
* Gallery: aftermath of the UK riots.
* Also, what else could the police do to stop the riots?
* "How Washington's politicians downgraded America."
* A beheading in Saudi Arabia leads to a backlash in Indonesia.
* "Of an already small pool of millionaires and billionaires, 1,470 didn't pay any federal income taxes in 2009."
* Follow-up: a turn away from No Child Left Behind.
* "Anders Behring Breivik, Norway's mass murderer, was a fan of my writing. Here's what I found within his perverse 1,518-page manuscript.