August 4th, 2011


American empire, rebuilding Joplin, and foreign aid

* Twenty-one years after the start of the decline of the American empire.
* David Weigel notes that no one knows what to do about jobs.
* New government mission to contain violent extremism here at home.
* Senator Kerry speaks out in defense of foreign aid.
* How the Tea Party is a product of Southern conservatism.
* The Mexican government turns to cartoons to get out its message about the drug war.
* A different take on SlutWalk in India.
* Makeshift schools an important step in rebuilding Joplin.
* New report speculates that Earth originally had two moons.


so there's that

M. and I sat down to watch the new Thundercats cartoon with dinner. Better than expected, actually. They are definitely going for a more adult vibe, and handled a couple issues I didn't expect to be addressed. The characters are much more rounded as well, and a lot of effort is being put into building up a backstory and mythology. Yes, I mean about Thundercats. It's good stuff, check it out.

And when I noted earlier in the week that M. was ahead of the curve for getting ready for Pennsic, I meant, unless her work got goofy. Which it did. So, extra evening with her tonight. Not a bad deal, considering I won't be seeing her for the next week and change thereafter. I have plans tomorrow through Monday, but after that, mostly flying solo. Hellooo Netflix list and minis painting.


Not surprising, but still

"A trio of Republican presidential candidates have signed a pledge promising to oppose same-sex marriage if elected to the White House and to establish a presidential commission to 'investigate harassment of traditional marriage supporters.' The three GOP candidates — former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) and former U.S. senator from Pennsylvania Rick Santorum — each penned their names to the pledge, which was written by the anti-gay National Organization for Marriage."

I could not vote for someone who doesn't believe in equal rights.

(And no, Santorum and Bachmann are not serious contenders. But Romney is the frontrunner.)