August 3rd, 2011


The debt ceiling deal, Libya, and youth resistance

* Top read: using theater of the absurd to delineate the new political reality.
* Looking for a bright side in the debt ceiling deal.
* And the left is unhappy (courtesy professorbooty) but will there be any fallout for Obama?
* Was Biden the deciding factor?
* Inside the Libyan rebels' 'Mad Max war.'
* Is fracking ruining the water in Pennsylvania?
* Eight ways the corporate-government youth resistance. (Courtesy ninjacooter.)
* Ten things you didn't know about Ramadan. Bonus: gallery.


In Theaters: Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger is pretty much just what I am looking for in a comic book movie. Tossing in the subtle reference to Indiana Jones was a good call, as the pulpy roots are definitely on display here, in a good way. It was directed by the guy who did The Rocketeer, after all. Some comic-book references are thrown in, but the premise just accepts these things (vita-rays!) and move on with the action. Chris Evans gets most of the screen time, and does a great job with what could have been a pretty tough character sell. It helps that he's got a pretty solid supporting cast as well. And without giving anything away, they really nailed the ending. Check it out on the big screen.

Trailers to follow in their own post.