July 23rd, 2011


le yawns

Last night birthday drinks at a bar turned into an impromptu party, thanks to said bar having inferior air conditioning. Party was good though! Caught up with some folks I hadn't seen in forever, and got to visit one of my favorite other people's dogs. Bitca of a headache this morning, though.

Tonight, some comedian who plays piano. Belated birthday present for M. Tomorrow, hanging with the munchkin and staying out of the way of a pre-Pennsic sewing party.


Oslo attacks, the rover Curiosity, and Republican governors

* Whuf. The BBC has the timeline of the Oslo attacks yesterday.
* Speaking of, the media reacts to finding out that it wasn't a Muslim extremist. Just, wow.
* "How to turn Republicans and Democrats into Americans: an insider's six-step plan to fix Congress."
* Wikileaks, which just keeps rolling on, releases documents on the US and Cambodia.
* Michael Scherer notes that the president is playing a pretty shrewd political hand in the debt ceiling negotiations.
* Good read: Nate Silver on how the Republican Party's swing to the right is not matched by the American people.
* Five myths about extreme weather.
* The NASA rover Curiosity will explore a deep crater on Mars.



OK, comic book companies, let me spell it out: quit redoing origin stories. We've got it. Radioactive spider, cosmic rays, gamma bomb, done. Tell us new and interesting stories, don't just rehash something again. And Marvel, just because DC does something doesn't mean you need to do it too. Impress us with something different! DC's just going to un-do it in a couple years with another Crisis anyways. Yeesh.