July 14th, 2011


oh, and

Yesterday was Zoe's half-birthday. The year is flying right by.

Tonight is gaming of one sort or another. Malifaux if opponent is available, TF2 if not. Tomorrow, shenanigans at the Fringe Festival. Saturday, hanging with M. Sunday, back to the grind. Maybe some minis painting I've been putting off all week.


The class divide, fighitng the EPA, and the Emmys

* Top read: Matt Taibbi on 'greed, excess and America's gaping class divide.' Bonus: the original article is like whoah.
* Kevin Drum thinks this fight will backfire on Republicans.
* Ben Adler asks if the Republican presidential candidates are being cynical or delusional about the debt ceiling?
* But we can all agree that we should close tax loopholes for offshore corporate tax havens, right?
* "Why 'Caylee's Law' is a bad idea."
* The CIA is operating secret sites in Somalia.
* Economic growth shoots up in Latin America and the Caribbean.
* Insidious: the conservative organization that is quietly targeting the EPA through legislation across the country.
* 2011 primetime Emmy nominations released. Complete list here. (Idris Elba has a posse.)