June 30th, 2011


In Theaters: Super 8

Finishing off my recent box office blitz, Super 8 is quality Hollywood stuff. Yes, it's a monster movie, but the real strength is in the drama of the characters and the nostalgic setting. I don't want to say too much, not because it's spoilery, but because it's one of those things you should see for yourself. And I say this as someone who isn't a fan of heartwarming movies. They did an excellent job finding kids who can, you know, actually act. And then they wrote them parts that actually sound like kids. It's novel! Anyways. A couple parts run a bit long, but in the end it's worth it. Check it out in theaters, you won't be disappointed.

New trailers:
* Zookeeper - Still no.
* Transformers: Dark of the Moon - I skipped #2, and I still want to see this.


The debt ceiling, voters' remorse, and Nixon's Afghanistan

* Handy guide to the debt ceiling debate. More here.
* Interesting: what if Obama stood up and said the Constitution forbids defaulting on the debt?
* Good read: what would Nixon do about Afghanistan?
* Jonathan Bernstein brings the nomination and confirmations update.
* How unpopular new Republican governors could be good news for Obama in 2012.
* Bad news for the tea party?
* On the economics of running gay bars.
* Top ten Glenn Beck moments.
* Jon Stewart, national treasure, takes on... Jon Stewart.