June 28th, 2011


this, that

Was sick on and off for about a week, and the past day or so has been taking care of M., who also caught the same bug or something related. Nonetheless, hung out with some folks watching the True Blood season premiere Sunday, and finished catching up on Sherlock on Netflix with M. yesterday. The former was amusing, the latter was highly watchable.

Z. remains on vacation with her mom and their family out west. We head down to southern MD next weekend.

And, in case you missed it, here's a fun read about picking your battles that's been making the rounds on the Facebooks as of recently. Good times.


The Constitution, failed states, and unemployment

* Top read: ForeignPolicy.com releases their Failed States index for 2011.
* Great read: Americans have debated the Constitution since the day it was signed, but seldom have so many disagreed so fiercely about so much."
* Rethinking the 'long war' on terrorism.
* Dana Milbank takes on Gov. Walker's trickle-down theory.
* Follow-up: Blagojevich guilty on eleven criminal counts.
* Modern society slowly chips away at the cultural expectations of gender. Fingers crossed.
* NPR on the punchline "that's racist."
* Was an issue of Superman pulled from shelves because it featured a Mulsim hero?
* Happy 25th anniversary to Labyrinth.