June 27th, 2011


are you paranoid enough?

"As more and more of your data and software evaporate off your hard drive and ascend into the cloud, keep an eye on the larger trend that's developing here and the trade-offs that come with it. You can see why Apple's doing this. The more of your stuff that lives on its servers, the easier it is for Apple to manage its vast empire of users and devices and keep track of what they're doing."


Lobbyists, foreclosures, and Vesta

* Good read: linking the financial crisis to revolving-door lobbyists.
* No, legalizing drugs won't hurt the Mexican cartels.
* Why are we staying in Afghanistan again?
* Whuf. Remember all those foreclosed homes?
* It's sad that they're still having to fact-check the health care reform law.
* Speaking of: 'how conservatism lost touch with reality.'
* The Dawn spacecraft is approaching Vesta.
* Will Cars 2 be Pixar's first bad movie?
* Influential comic book artist Gene Colan passed away. More from ICv2 here.