June 26th, 2011


In Theaters: Green Lantern

Green Lantern was... good enough, I suppose? Here's the thing. Outside of the Batman flicks, DC doesn't have a great track record in Hollywood, at least not in modern times. And with this being their first chance to really shine, um, they turned in a perfectly acceptable but weirdly uninspired movie. I'm a big fan of the concept (I'm wearing the ring as I write this, fercrissakes) but they tried to cram a lot into one movie, which means they didn't get a chance to really put their hearts into any one piece of it. Graphics were good, sure, but not groundbreaking. Reynolds was good, but somewhat constrained by the script. So, uh, yeah. It was OK? I'd like to hear the opinion of anyone who saw this that wasn't already a fan of the comics, but I don't think that's going to happen to much. Catch it on Netflix.

New trailers:
* Apollo 18 - Hmmm. Concept is up my alley, but the new trailer doesn't look overly innovative.
* Larry Crowne - If you like heartwarming Tom Hanks movies, here's another one.