June 15th, 2011



In the interest of making sure this LJ doesn't just turn into me posting news links and showing pictures of my cats/daughter...

For the first time in, too long, I'm reading a book without pictures in it. The graphic novel pile is dwindling, even the loaner stuff. So I picked up something I'd been meaning to read for a while: The Hunger Games. I'm about a third of the way through. As predicted, yes, it's right up my alley. But as long as the pace keeps up, I'm going to have to read the next two book, because, commitment. And now that I'm into it, I'm worried they're going to screw up the movie version.

(And totally how I could totally make a miniatures/card game based on it.)


China, non-war, and the Oscars

* Good read: returning to the debate on Afghanistan.
* So we're fighting in Yemen now/again? Kevin Drum on the future of 'non-war.'
* On China and fears for the future.
* A look at partisanship on the individual level.
* The end of Bush's neoconservatism.
* Four points that Obama will have to face in 2012.
* 'The dark side of South Korean pop music.'
* OK, ten was too many. How about a variable number of best picture nominations for the Oscars?
* Will there be any new Doctor Who in 2012?


more Jonathan Bernstein

"My real feeling about Bush's policies is that the best way to think about them is all dessert, all the time. Tax cuts and spending increases forever. Pretty speeches about democracy, but little to back it up. Spectacular invasions, with little thought to the aftermath. Short term electoral gains from using patriotism as a partisan weapon, regardless of long-term costs.

"The real rebuke of Bush isn't TARP or tolerance; it's domestic policy. Bush's interest in domestic policy was intermittent at best, but there really was some of it: No Child Left Behind was a serious policy, as was Medicare expansion, and even the faith-based initiative was a real (proposed) policy. Do any of the current GOP candidates have anything like that? I'm not hearing it. Tax cuts, spending cuts, shutting down programs... that's pretty much it."