June 7th, 2011


Cartel tanks, the Red Scare, and the next Mars rover

* "When fear trumps liberty: The recently renewed Patriot Act interferes with freedoms in the name of preserving them. Sixty years earlier, a communist-fearing U.S. government went down the same path, with the help of the Supreme Court."
* When they start trying to make it harder to vote, it's time to pay attention.
* Um, wow. Mexican cartels now building armored assault vehicles.
* "Are Republicans losing their grip on reality?"
* A tall order (and a contender) for the next Mars rover, Curiosity.
* "Making things waffle-shaped does not make them waffles. In order for them to be waffles, they also need to taste like food."
* Mapping the mall from Dawn of the Dead.
* Anti-apartheid leader Albertina Sisulu passed away.