June 2nd, 2011


State secrets, taxes, Medicare, and the war on drugs

* "One consequence of the early 'war on terror' years was that the lines between CIA and military activities got blurred."
* Remember: the government keeping secrets from its people isn't the threat to security, it's exposing those secrets that's a threat.
* Good read: "The truth of the matter is that federal taxes in the United States are very low. There is no reason to believe that reducing them further will do anything to raise growth or reduce unemployment."
* Declaring failure in the war on drugs.
* Why Paul Ryan is losing the Medicare argument. And Kevin Drum asks: 'Where's the actual plan?'
* Why Republicans hate the National Science Foundation.
* As noted elsewhere, Stephen Colbert is a national treasure.
* Phil Plait on why you don't have to be afraid your cell phone is giving you cancer.
* Interesting read on deathbed regrets. (Courtesy rinmcgroyne.)

Rock Star

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Get Familiar With Detroit Techno: 10 Essential Songs
"Although widely associated with Europe, techno music was invented in Detroit and its suburbs in the early 1980s by young African-Americans armed with drum machines, futurist ideals and a predilection for Kraftwerk. Artists like Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson used whatever technology they could get their hands on to pioneer a cutting-edge sound made up of growling synths and driving dance beats. In the process, they set in motion one of the essential musical movements of the 20th century."