June 1st, 2011


Evil animals, Endeavour, and Burton's Batman

* The housing market formally hits the dreaded double-dip point.
* Good read: on poverty, developmental aid, and preference.
* Yemen is falling apart. NATO will stay in Libya for the time being.
* Wine sales on the rise, and even surpass France's numbers in consumption.
* Nate Silver on Herman Cain and the numbers.
* The space shuttle Endeavour completes its final mission.
* Time presents ten evil animals.
* Chris Sims reviews the 1989 Tim Burton Batman movie. Part two here.


what we need more of

"A question in the air: Are you an optimist or a pessimist? You have to figure out how to feed 7 billion people reliably (a billion right now are going hungry or have inadequate nutrition; 3 billion live in poverty on less than 2 dollars a day), and give them clean drinking water, and sanitation, and then factor in population growth of an unknown degree (will we hit 9 billion? 10? 16?), and then factor in people living much longer lives beyond their prime productivity years (by mid-century the median age globally will have gone from 29 to 39), and you have to do all this on a planet that is heating dramatically, with acidifying oceans and dwindling forests (losing a Switzerland of old-growth annually, we're told) and precious resources getting scarce."