May 25th, 2011


The Spirit rover, the Cardiff Giant, and lost pyramids

* "After nearly a year of trying to reestablish communications with the Spirit Mars rover, NASA has decided to suspend efforts."
* Why the infrastructure problem is really a political problem.
* Good read: Kevin Drum on dispelling the myths on raising taxes on the rich.
* Ugh. Confirming other meltdowns at the Fukushima plant.
* Reading between the lines on Netanyahu and his speech on Israel's borders.
* William Kristol on the Republican candidate for 2012.
* "Seventeen lost pyramids are among the buildings identified in a new satellite survey of Egypt."
* Nifty. On P.T. Barnum and the Cardiff Giant.


Covering the 2011 upfronts and fall schedule

* A quick guide to the upfronts. Bonus analysis: the female factor.
* The fall schedule for Fox, including a remake of the Flintstones.
* The fall schedule for ABC, which they say is shooting for balance. Also, another focus on the new shows.
* NBC presents their new comedies and dramas. (I already miss The Cape.)
* The fall schedule for CBS. More info when I find a good article.
* Oh, and the slate for the CW.
* What got cancelled, including V.